Hal Quinn

Ohio Coal Association


Michael T.W. Carey

Chairman, Ohio Coal Association &
Vice President of Government Affairs, Murray Energy

Mr. Carey joined the Ohio Coal Association as President in 1999.  As the state’s chief advocate for Ohio’s coal industry, he is responsible for representing its interests before Ohio’s General Assembly.  Mr. Carey directs the association’s legislative agenda and develops media contacts in order to strengthen the voice of Ohio’s coal industry.  Mr. Carey also oversees the association’s financial matters, including its Political Action Committee and fundraising events.
Mr. Carey currently serves as President of the American Coal Coalition.  Mr. Carey is also Chairman of the Ohio Coal Development Office Technical Advisory Committee, a member of the Ohio Energy Task Force, the National Coal Council, National Mining Association, the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  

After cutting his teeth in Ohio’s political landscape, Mr. Carey has become a sought after voice on the national level.  Mr. Carey has testified before both chambers of Congress in the climate change debate.  Mr. Carey has been an invited guest on numerous national talk and radio shows to discuss the economic impacts of climate change legislation ranging from job loss to higher energy prices for consumers.  Mr. Carey continues to fight hard so American jobs are not sent over to countries like China and India due to junk science. 

Being the true advocate he is Mr. Carey most recently helped form American Council for Affordable and Reliable Energy (ACARE) in 2009 when he saw that misinformation and lies were beginning to shape the political landscape on coal and global warming.  Mr. Carey knows firsthand the importance of reliable and affordable energy and what it means to getting our economy back on track.

Prior to joining the Ohio Coal Association, Mr. Carey has served both as a staff member and as a volunteer for several officials.  Mr. Carey held several staff positions in Congressional offices, where he acted as a liaison between the office and other government agencies and was responsible for management of the district staff. 

From 1989-1999 Mr. Carey served the United States as an officer with the United States Army Reserves.  His education includes a Bachelor of Arts in History from The Ohio State University and Associate of Science Degree in Economics from the Marion Military Institute. 

Mr. Carey resides in Granville, Ohio with his wife Kristin and their son Prescott.