Ohio Shale Play

Although oft overused in politics, “game changer” is a term that has been applied almost universally by industry, academia and executives across a wide spectrum to the potential of the Marcellus, Utica and Point Pleasant shale plays of the Appalachian basin. The technological advancements that allow for the economic extraction of energy-rich fuels and feedstocks from the shale formations beneath Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia will bring:

  • stable prices and supply of clean-burning, reliable energy for the nation;
  • benefit to consumers, especially Midwest manufacturers and the petrochemical industry; and
  • sustainable economic development and future certainty for the upper Appalachian region.

Latest study on shale development in Ohio! Read the executive summary here:

Regional Economic Development Opportunities From Appalachian Basin Shale (PDF)

Link to the complete reports can be found here: Cleveland State University

Capitol Integrity Group serves as a strategic advisor to many companies operating in the shale industry in and around the Appalachian Basin and have a deep history of working across all of Ohio's industry sectors.  CIG's principal serves as an advisor and speaker to numerous educational conferences including the Appalachian Regional Shale Energy Conference, and is a regular contributor to Crains Energy Report.


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Nov 2015 - Latest study on shale development in Ohio! Read the executive summary here:

Regional Economic Development Opportunities From Appalachian Basin Shale (PDF)

Link to the complete reports can be found here: Cleveland State University

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A Visit to Pennsylvania Gasland

by Robert Lesnick, The World Bank, - January 2013, As a member of the Board of the Nemacolin Energy Institute. Jim Samuel of Capitol Integrity hosted a delegation from the World Bank to discuss the regional impact of shale development.


Thank You for Fracking

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An excellent overview of the history and geology from Geology.com.

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Speaking Engagements on Shale Energy:

Cleveland Engineering Society, 2014 Leadership Breakfast Series

Oct. 14, 2014, Cleveland, OH

2013 North American NGV Conference & Expo

Nov. 19, 2013, Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

Southern Gas Association, Executive Conference

Nov. 18, 2013, Kiawah Island, SC

Shale Oil & Gas Midstream Markets, Geauga Growth Partnership,

Oct. 16, 2013, Newbury, OH

2013 Oil & Gas Conference, Ohio Society of CPAs

Aug. 21, 2012, Aurora, OH

National Shale Conference & Invitational, Nemacolin Energy Institute

June 3, 2013, Farmington, PA

American Chemistry Council, 25th Anniversary Responsible Care Conference

May 8, 2013, Hollywood, FL

National Coal Conference, Nemacolin Energy Institute

April 26, 2013, Farmington, PA

Ohio Wetlands Foundation Board of Directors

Nov. 1, 2012

Master Series: Energy Law, Columbus Bar Assoc.

Sept. 25, 2012, Columbus, OH

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Sept. 14, 2012, Cleveland, OH

National Shale Conference & Invitational, Nemacolin Energy Institute

Sept. 5, 2012, Farmington, PA

Oil & Gas Conference, Ohio Society of CPAs

Aug. 23, 2012, Independence, OH

American Chemistry Council, Responsible Care Conference

June 21, 2012, Cleveland. OH

Geauga Growth Partnership Annual Meeting

June 13, 2012, Chardon,OH

K&L Gates, Mid Continent Shale Gas Summit

April 27, 2012, Pittsburgh, PA

Licking County Energy Summit

March 22, 2012, Newark, OH

Marcellus Shale Educational Conference & Invitational, Nemacolin Energy Institute

Oct. 3, 2011, Farmington, PA

Selection from the New York State Hydraulic Fracturing Report - 8 pages of draft report



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